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Sound Healing Therapies

Vibrational Massage — Pain Management

Deep bass resonant frequencies deliver a deep tissue massage that will relieve muscle tension, body aches and headaches. The therapeutic guided meditation music for healing selections may be used to help induce a Theta level brainwave state and clear racing thoughts in order to introduce positive messaging through Guided Imagery. 

Sound Healing Therapy

Relaxing music sessions embedded with vibration frequencies and binaural beats.  

Solfeggio Healing Meditations

Each healing meditation contains certain healing intonations that are embedded with ancient solfeggio frequencies and infused with sacred chants and prayers. There are also an array of transformational instruments precisely attuned to enhance the healing effect.

Solfeggio Meditations (Guided Male)

Guided Imagery is commonly used for emotional healing or psychological issues. It can help resolve emotional wounds such as trauma, guilt, shame and even low self-esteem issues. The meditation starts with effective breathing and relaxing techniques, and then progresses through to the main underlying issue and provides a direction toward a solution.  Positive affirmations are delivered in a left to right stereo effect.

Mindfulness Meditations

Meditations designed to relax the mind and body while delivering a message about mindfulness.

Emotional Healing (Guided Female)

The emotional healing series is a group of guided meditations in a female voice targeted at accepting loss, forgiveness, saying goodbye, improving relationships, love, and facing fears.

Chakra Alignment

The purpose of this is to balance and harmonize energy centers (Chakras). Chakra balancing is vital for those wanting to enhance spiritual enlightenment and is equally important in maintaining good physical and emotional health. In fact maintaining good mental and physical health makes spiritual awakening all the more attainable.


The Biosound Healing Therapy System integrates a user-friendly HRV biofeedback program that teaches clients simple techniques to manage their emotions. The program has different challenge levels and games to help the patient achieve higher levels of coherence. Physiological coherence is a balance between the sympathetic (Fight or Flight) NS and the parasympathetic NS, many athletes call this “being in the zone.”