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I first came upon the Biosound® Healing Therapy system at a Florida Chiropractic Conference.  I did a 20 minute sound massage and didn’t want to get off the system when it was done.  I had never gotten to such a peaceful state so quickly in my life and I have meditated for years.  I’m always trying to find ways to teach patients to be able to learn techniques to step outside of their day to day stresses and this was what I had been looking for for years.  Feel free to check out my website to see how we are marketing it and take your next step in working to help your patients get the healthiest they’ve ever been. 

— Scott Barry D.C., Bay City Rehab & Wellness

Treatments in the Biosound® Healing Therapy bed gave me a tremendous amount of relief from severe osteoarthritis pain in my right knee, hip and lower back. Not only was my pain managed, the treatments gave me a sense of calm and well being. I am a true believer in Biosound!

— Mary A., ARNP

Biosound therapy has greatly helped to calm my patients’ stress response, down-regulating the sympathetic nervous system and allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to turn on.  As a result, the efficacy of the herbal and nutritional therapies I have recommended increases and my patients see results faster. They also feel better from the Biosound therapy session immediately.

— Janice Piro D.C., DABCI

First Responders

The technology used by Biosound is incredible. I was introduced to this technology during my treatment for severe PTSD, depression, anxiety, and attempted suicide and it was truly lifesaving. The feeling of peace that I experienced helped me to interrupt the stress and trauma cycle, better process my thoughts, and enabled me to look to the future with a new way of thinking. I highly recommend Biosound Healing Therapy as part of preventative mental health measures for all police and fire departments.

— Doug Monda, Founder, Survive First Foundation

I am amazed at the results that I have witnessed with clients experiencing mild to severe suicidal thoughts. In just one session, clients commonly report their symptoms drop significantly, eliminating the need to consider hospitalization. I believe Biosound Therapy is a lifesaving treatment for people experiencing such intense symptoms of depression. I am looking forward to starting research to further explore and validate what I have already been discovering.

— Colleenia Korapatti LMHC, Biosound Therapy Provider in Private Practice, Center for Anxiety Relief

Health and Wellness

There’s tremendous benefit in using TMS and Biosound therapy for patients with depression and anxiety. The most obvious benefit for our patients is helping them to learn how to cope with symptoms of depression and anxiety. We also help them incorporate meditation and deep breathing into their daily lives. Biosound is great to use before a session, especially if the patient is nervous.

— Britani Hall, The Healing House

Addiction Treatment

We immediately schedule our clients for a session of Biosound Therapy when we suspect they are becoming agitated or may end their treatment. After the session, they calm down to a point where they are willing to listen and cooperate. In addition to the obvious benefit to our clients, Biosound Therapy substantially reduces our AMA rates.

— John Giordano, President, G&G Holistic Treatment Center of Miami

The Biosound® Therapy System is a state of the art tool to provide our clients with the latest and greatest treatment solutions, and the benefits are exceptional, it gives us new ways to treat PTSD, assist with detox, perform unique crisis intervention treatments and reduce premature discharges by the client. Our staff even uses it to decompress.

— James Davis, CEO, Recovery First Inc.

What a phenomenal addition the Biosound® Therapy System has been to our facility! Not only has staff enjoyed their time on the Biosound® Therapy System to become familiar as to what their clients will experience, but clients request an additional visit even before ending their initial session. To see a client’s response to the serene cinematic journeys is overwhelming as it is when a client completes a session and departs a more relaxed individual. They begin to realize that taking time to meditate is a vital component to their journey through recovery.

— Rebecca Sherman, My Center for Recovery

I have just finished a session with the Biosound® Therapy System and have to say that I feel absolutely amazed after experiencing the music and vibrations throughout my body. I fell into the deepest meditative state since I have begun to meditate here at the center. I was able to leave my thoughts, and go to a place within my mind that was one of complete peace. If this experience is the type that I have to strive for throughout my recovery, then it will make my journey that much more enjoyable. I truly feel as though I just had a spiritual experience and am extremely grateful for the opportunity.

— Luke M., Biosound Healing Client

Your Biosound® Therapy System provides our patients with an extremely innovative method of reducing anxiety, guilt, fear, and trauma associated with their addiction. Many patients come to our facility at the most vulnerable time and this program provides an oasis of calm and tranquility. In addition, the Biosound® Therapy System aids our patients in dealing with issues of depression, anxiety, and other common feelings associated with detoxification. Without a doubt, this system benefits our patients in ways we never imagined and we are thankful to have such a great tool at our facility.

— Rootie Cook, Administrator/CEO , Summer House Detox of Miami

What an amazing opportunity to have this in our facility! Our clients love this experience and are always asking for more. The Biosound® Therapy System helps our clients relax and start to deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and muscle tension. This is a great tool to help in the recovery process.

— James Wainwright, Technician, Transformations of Delray Beach

Biosound has been an amazing tool for our program!  In treating addictions, we are working with clients who have a lot of nervous system dysregulation which talk therapy can’t always reach in moments of activation.  Biosound therapy offers us a nervous system hack that allows our clients to experience regulation and relaxation, sometimes for the first time.  It shows them that sobriety has rewards and through the Biosound treatment, that their bodies can truly heal themselves.

— Brenna Gonzales LPC, Clinical Director, The Hope House

We have found the Biosound® Therapy System to be an instrumental tool, providing relief for our patient’s struggles. Every day we hear many accounts of patients feeling more relaxed, more at peace and feeling more energy after their sessions. We know this treatment has benefited our patients on many levels and has shown them a way to ease their minds and begin to heal mentally and physically. Thank you for helping us restore hope!

— Erin RunhaarCobas, Director , Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches

I used the Biosound® Therapy System for 20 minutes; I felt extremely centered and relaxed after this time period. For me, it proved to be a powerful gateway to present moment awareness and thus ego transcendence, (access to spirituality, etc) is possible. Recognition that I am pure energy (a collection of molecules) unfolded and areas of the body where tension was held/harbored were allowed to let go…very cool…the more relaxed and pleasant a client is , the more open and non-judgmental of themselves they will be…I’m a fan.

— Meghan, Biosound Healing Therapist

This experience was most relaxing. The calming melody of the music coordinated with the vibrations of the soft comfortable cushion bed reduced my level of tension from a level of 8 to a level of 1. I was in a state of total relaxation with no worries or concern during this meditation period. This would be a beneficial component to the overall holistic modality for the treatment of various mood disorders.

— Robert, Biosound Healing Therapist