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We are your complete partner in biotechnology, specializing in:
Medical Diagnostic Test Kits
Mossman Associates provides rapid tests for:
• Infectious Diseases-Tuberculosis
• Drugs of Abuse and Alcohol
• Nicotine
• Urinanalysis

Biological Reagents: including Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies, Serum Panels and Urine Pools, Antigens.

Equipment: including new and used lab and production scale equipment for purchase or lease.

Ancillary Products: including: Urine Collection Cups, Pipettes.

Mossman Associates welcomes suggestions from researchers and encourage you to communicate with us about your particular research needs. Mossman Associates is devoted to providing the world with the highest quality medical diagnostics, equipment, reagents and services at the most competitive price.
Mossman Associates provides medical diagnostic test kits, manufacturing equipment, biological reagents and services to the biotechnology industry.
Founded in 2001 the personnel at Mossman Associates have years of experience in the areas of R& D, Operations, Sales and Marketing obtained from years of working experience in leading companies within the biotechnology industry.
We continue to increase our product line in order to serve our customers as best we can.