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      BioSound Bed
BioSound Bed A thoroughly profound experience, a session in the BioSound Bed is designed to induce a relaxation response and then deliver positive and powerful messages relating to the recovery process.
The Biolounge integrates any or all combinations of the following:
/Music Therapy
/Sound frequency massage
/Guided Imagery

The BioSound healing bed reduces stress and anxiety, relieves withdrawal symptoms, promotes better sleep, reduces muscul tension.

We have NicCheck ™ , a urine dipstick test for measuring nicotine and nicotine metabolites in the urine. This rapid (15 min) test is FDA approved and CLIA waived. This test is capable of distinguishing Hi vs. Low consumers of nicotine products. This product now offers clients an alternative to sending samples out for testing while saving money.
      CO Monitors
Breath CO levels are easily measured when patients blow into the monitor through single-use disposable mouthpieces.

      Drugs of Abuse and Alcohol
This easy to use, onsite-testing device combines a collection cup and testing device that delivers instant results, convenience, and accuracy. Detects the presence of drug metabolites in minutes, using SAMHSA cutoff levels and is available in configurations of up to 15 drugs.
Saliva and CLIA Waived formats available.
      Alcohol (Saliva) >
The AlcoCheck™ Saliva Alcohol Screen is a rapid, semi-quantitative method to detect alcohol in saliva.* Donor places test strip in mouth for 10 seconds. Results are read after 2 minutes by comparing the color on the reactive pad to the color chart provided on the product pouch.
      Alcohol (Breath) >
The FC200 has been established at a blood alcohol concentration of 0.008. The backlit screen changes color when the alcohol content of the sample exceeds 0.08.

      Biological Reagents
A wide variety of biologicals are available from us including Antibodies, Disease State and Normal Serum Pools, Pre-analyzed Serum Samples, and Urine Pools . Most of the serum samples and pools are from human sources, however other species are available upon request. As always if not a standard item Mossman Associates can use our numerous contacts and sources to identify just the material you require. All samples will come with a complete Certificate of Analysis, and large pools can be put on reserve for delivery as needed.

We have new and used equipment for Production, Quality Assurance and/or Research departments. Capital Equipment such as spectrophotometers, plate washers and plate diluters, pouch sealing equipment and stand alone pumps are available. All equipment comes with a full manufacturer's warranty. For people on a budget a large inventory of used equipment is also available. This equipment has been refurbished and comes with a limited warranty. The inventory changes on a regular basis, however, we try to keep a representative sample list available. This used equipment is available for purchase or can be leased at very competitive rates which include buyouts options at the end of the lease.

      Contract Services
      Drugs of Abuse and Nicotine Testing

Mossman Associates Inc. provides the testing GC testing of serum and urine samples for drugs of abuse. This service coupled with our drug free serum and urine pools gives DOA kit manufacturers a one stop shopping source.
Nicotine (Cotinine) Testing-Mossman Associates Inc. provides the testing GC testing of serum and urine samples for nicotine or cotinine. This service is coupled with our drug free urine pools.