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      NicCheck™-Rapid Urine Test (FDA Cleared & CLIA Waived)
      NicCheck™ I is indicated for the semi-quantitative detection of nicotine and/or its metabolites in urine as an aid in the verification of smoking status. A semi-quantitative determination of nicotine consumption can be estimated based on the color intensity of the reaction found on the NicCheck™ test strips. Since it has been established that tobacco consumption is one of the most significant causes of death and disease and that nicotine has been identified as the substance in tobacco that causes addiction, NicCheck™ I provides a reliable indicator to the physician relative to the patient's potential risk level associated with these diseases and conditions. NicCheck has been granted a CLIA Waived status.
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Effective Intervention for Smoking Cessation
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CLIA Waiver 19Nov2008
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NicCheck has been Cleared for distribution by the FDA. Sensitivity and specificity of the test average about ~98% for both measurements. NicCheck has been assigned a CPT code so that insurance companies can reimburse doctors and clinics and has a "CLIA Waived" status. Reimbursement information is available above. NicCheck measures nicotine and approximately a dozen metabolites of nicotine of which cotinine is the usually the one of most interest. Cotinine is detectable because of its’ half-life of ~16-30 hours depending on a person’s metabolism. Our strip has the capability of detecting 200 ng/ml of serum cotinine, being as sensitive as any rapid test out there while also able to providing a semi-quantitative answer.

      SmokeCheck - One Step Cotinine Test

Smoke Check
Cotinine is a simple one step urine test card for detection of tobacco or nicotine usage. SmokeCheck test cards are designed to detect Cotinine. SmokeCheck is available in boxes of 10, 40, 120 and 200 tests. Cotinine is a metabolite of Nicotine and can be found in urine up to 3 to 5 days after Nicotine usage.
NOTE: This product is not CLIA Waived. This test is for FORENSIC USE ONLY and not for medical office use.

SmokeCheck Cassette Instructions