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      MycoDot™-TB-Serological Test
Approval Documentation       The MycoDot™ test employs lipoarabinomannan (LAM) antigen bound to plastic combs. When the combs are incubated in diluted serum, specific anti-LAM antibodies from the sample, if present, bind to the antigen. The combs are then washed to remove non-specific antibody, and incubated in a suspension of colored particles which bind to the bound anti-LAM antibodies. If enough of the specific antibodies are present in the serum sample, a colored spot will form where the antigen is attached to the plastic comb. The sensitivity of the test is calibrated so that only cases of active mycobacterial disease such as tuberculosis will provide a positive reaction by MycoDot™ .
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TB Biomarker Report Lancet 2010
TB Treatment 2010
WHO Diagnostic Overview
WHO TB Global Demand
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